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gdb package

The gdb package in Debian is fucked up (I have no politer way of
saying it, this thing wasted me a couple of hours of sleep), info file
causes segfaults, and doing stepi in some circumstances will just jump
to $pc+0xcc0000 or some such.  For example:

(gdb) si
0x0000f412      279       __mig_dealloc_reply_port (MACH_PORT_NULL);
1: x/i $pc  0xf412 <_dl_sysdep_start_cleanup+18>:       
    call   0x13c70 <__mig_dealloc_reply_port>
(gdb) si
0x00cd3c70 in ?? ()
1: x/i $pc  0xcd3c70:   Cannot access memory at address 0xcd3c70
Disabling display 1 to avoid infinite recursion.

Could someone fix this crap?  A pristine version of 6.3 compiled with
gcc 4.0.x works just fine.

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