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Re: console, xkb

"Andreas B. Mundt" <andi.mundt@web.de> writes:

> Hello,
> the problem with xkb has been solved: It seems to be related to the version of xlibs.
> Downgrading from xlibs_6.8.2.dfsg.1-7_all.deb to xlibs_4.3.0.dfsg.1-14_all.deb
> solved it. But if I use the automatic start at bootup compared to my shell script, only one
> console (tty1) is available. Could this be related to the use of -c /dev/vcs
> in one case and --console-node=/dev/cons /dev/vcs  in the other?

No, that is unrelated.  Can you see if the right translators are
started in the process list?  You can recognize them by the tty number
that is passed to them as an argument.


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