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[Task #191] Finish porting coreutils' uptime

Task #191 has been updated. 

Project: Debian GNU/Hurd port
Subproject: general
Summary: Finish porting coreutils' uptime
Complete: 0%
Status: Open

Description: uptime(1) in coreutils is currently not ported.  Alfred M. Szmidt sent a patch to bug-coreutils (http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-coreutils/2005-01/msg00006.html), but Paul Eggert had a couple of issues with it (see the reply), which Alfred has not addressed and apparently will not.  Somebody should pick this up and finalize the patch.  Note that this might require assigning copyright to the FSF for coreutils, if the patch is acceptable for upstream.

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