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Usability of the Hurd (was: Re: kde on hurd)

On Saturday 11 June 2005 20:28, Oleksandr Shneyder wrote:
> http://www.h1.org/~ncryer/kde.png

Oh, this is nice. Congratulations, and thanks for your efforts!

This leads me to asking the list, how progress is. I am dying to get a 
GNU/Hurd system to a barely-running state, almost no matter how ``hacky'' 
it'd have to be.
That is, I'd rather have an unstable GNU/Hurd system, than dual-booting 
GNU/Hurd and GNU/Linux -- i find my GNU/Hurd partition rarely used, since 
making http://skrewz.dk/tmp/ss.jpg.
I am anxious to help, but I have no experience in being part of a 
dev-community. Neither am I an expert in hacking nor programming. So I'll 
just say that, if I may be of some help, I may be called on.

However, my question: Could I migrate kernels during my summer vacation (given 
my needs below) and if ``yes'', where would I want to start? Do any regular 
entry-points exist?

I am currently running Debian GNU/Linux Etch using wmaker in combination with 
large parts of KDE 3.3.2. Custom Linux. The machine's a Dell 
Inspiron 8000 (modified with a Radeon of the well-supported R250-series, and 
modified for ``norsk Dvorak'' keyboard layout). I also use OOo for 
school-related work, but am planning to start using the LaTeX-suite, anyhow.

Regards, Anders Breindahl/skrewz.

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