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[Task #174] Run and investigate test suites of core packages

Task #174 has been updated. 

Project: Debian GNU/Hurd port
Subproject: general
Summary: Run and investigate test suites of core packages
Complete: 0%
Status: Open

Description: Most important packages are being built without running the test suite, either due to time or stability concerns.  It would still be nice to know how we are keeping from time to time, so this task would mean building the toolchain and core packages and running their test suites, possibly identifying and fixing either (i) test suite problems (i.e. not working testing frameworks) or (ii) test suite failures.

Candidate packages would be: glibc, binutils, gcc, coreutils, perl, python,  to name a few.  

Reports should be sent to debian-hurd intially and from there forwarded to the appropriate list if necessary.

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