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Re: Xserver cannot open keyboard

Antonio Vinci <vinci.tony@fastwebnet.it> writes:

> Il giorno lun, 02/05/2005 alle 22.21 +0200, Michael Banck ha scritto:
>> On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 10:02:35PM +0200, Antonio Vinci wrote:
>> > Trying to startup my X server it says "cannot open keyboard"
> Now Xfree can find the keyboard...
> /dev/cons was a file instead of a directory.
> Once removed the file and created the directory, /dev/cons/kdb
> and /dev/cons/mouse appeared at the right place.

It is ok if it is a file.  When the translator is set on /dev/cons (by
starting the console client) it will appear as a directory with those


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