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Re: SiS900

Hi Manuel, Thomas and all others,

some comments concerning the SiS900 patch:

As mentioned, I used a patch originally prepared by Manuel Menal and
Gaël Le Mignot. The changes I made are rather small and can be seen by
"diff-ing" the original patch with the newer version (sis900.c). I do not
know about changes Manuel and Gaël made. Further more I am neither a
C-programmer nor a driver expert, so I can't tell if the driver is 'good' or
mature or whatever. 
Probably since the original patch was prepared, some changes in the Linux driver 
occured (from comparing the changelog in the sis900.c of the patch and a new Linux
To have a really up-to-date driver, probably it is a better idea to start with
the latest Linux driver and adopt it (maybe with help of the patch).

The latest patch works fine for me, and I got some feedback from up to now 3 other users 
that used it successfully (all with removed printk-debugging). If perhaps some more
people use the patch now and report their performance (to the list!), some need for improvement
could be found or we can at least be happy to have a working hack.

Best regards


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