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Re: SiS900

   You should put Linux's original files (i.e. the versions your patch
   is based on) into linux/src/ and put your modified files into
   linux/dev/.  The files from linux/dev/ will shadow the linux/src/

I disagree very strongly (and thus disagree with the comment in one of
the Makefiles if it is to be followed blindly).  Code that is hacked
to work specifically for Mach and/or the Hurd should be put into
linux/dev, but code that has been only modifed to add a PCI ID,
updated or has a bug fixed and contains no Mach/Hurd specific code
should always go into linux/src.

If we follow the "rule" that you note we will have lots of moving
files back and forth for no apparant reason, and thus making things
impossible to follow.  Imaging the following scenario (similar things
have already happened I might add with my NIC driver, so don't be
fooled into thinking that this will never happen):

foo.c (contains code for the driver foo-0) is added to linux/src.

Now person A adds support for NIC foo-42 to foo.c, so foo.c must be
moved from linux/src to linux/dev.

We update foo.c from Linux, so we gotta move it back to

But now foo-42 isn't supported! so person B comes along and patches
things accordingly, and thus we have to move foo.c back into


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