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Re: Emacs24.4.1 followup

Thomas Schwinge wrote:

On Sat, Apr 16, 2005 at 05:44:41PM -0400, Barry deFreese wrote:
Well I moved the debs I built on clubber to flubber and now I get the segfault on installing emacs..

I built (better: tried to build) emacs-21.3 on an up-to-date Debian
GNU/Hurd system using only Debian's hurd-libio-glibc.dpatch and
CFLAGS='-O0 -g -pipe'.

For those who have not yet seen it for theirselves:
../src/bootstrap-emacs -batch --no-site-file --multibyte -l autoload --eval '(setq generated-autoload-file "/var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/loaddefs.el
")' -f batch-update-autoloads $wins
Directories: /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/calendar /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/emacs-lisp /var/tmp/bui
ld/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/emulation /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/eshell /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/gnus /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lis
p/international /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/language /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/mail /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/net /var/tmp/bu
ild/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/obsolete /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/play /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/progmodes /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/
lisp/term /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/textmodes /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/toolbar
Fatal error (11)./bin/sh: line 1: 24027 Segmentation fault      ../src/bootstrap-emacs -batch --no-site-file --multibyte -l autoload --eval '(setq generated
-autoload-file "/var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp/loaddefs.el")' -f batch-update-autoloads $wins
make[2]: *** [autoloads] Error 139
make[2]: Leaving directory `/var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/lisp'
make[1]: *** [bootstrap-lisp] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3'
make: *** [maybe_bootstrap] Error 2

thomas@euler:/var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3 > SHELL=/bin/sh LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib/debug gdb src/bootstrap-emacs GNU gdb 6.3-debian
Copyright 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
GDB is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and you are
welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under certain conditions.
Type "show copying" to see the conditions.
There is absolutely no warranty for GDB.  Type "show warranty" for details.
This GDB was configured as "i386-gnu"...
(gdb) r
Starting program: /var/tmp/build/emacs/emacs-21.3/src/bootstrap-emacs
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x01126b10 in _obstack_begin_1 (h=0x6c0, size=0, alignment=-858993460, chunkfun=0x28000, freefun=0x1126b10 <_obstack_begin_1+64>, arg=0x0) at obstack.c:257
257     obstack.c: No such file or directory.
       in obstack.c
(gdb) bt
#0  0x01126b10 in _obstack_begin_1 (h=0x6c0, size=0, alignment=-858993460, chunkfun=0x28000, freefun=0x1126b10 <_obstack_begin_1+64>, arg=0x0)
   at obstack.c:257
#1  0x01123508 in sYSMALLOc (nb=32784, av=0x120d140) at malloc.c:2895
#2  0x011237f9 in __libc_malloc (bytes=32776) at malloc.c:3296
#3  0x081049a5 in emacs_blocked_malloc (size=32776) at alloc.c:737
#4  0x01123785 in __libc_malloc (bytes=32776) at malloc.c:3291
#5  0x08104790 in lisp_malloc (nbytes=32776, type=MEM_TYPE_VECTOR) at alloc.c:594
#6  0x08105f7f in allocate_vectorlike (len=8192, type=MEM_TYPE_VECTOR) at alloc.c:2230
#7  0x0810600c in allocate_vector (nslots=8192) at alloc.c:2254
#8  0x0810620e in Fmake_vector (length=8192, init=409516756) at alloc.c:2350
#9  0x080baec1 in init_keyboard () at keyboard.c:10173
#10 0x080acd6c in main (argc=1, argv=0x101adc4, envp=0x101adcc) at emacs.c:1452

So, the segmentation fault happens in glibc's malloc code.

I'll try to rebuild with a "fresher" glibc than Debian's one during the
next days.

The strange thing is that I had it partly working yesterday, i.e. I was
able to start emacs using 'env - TERM=$TERM emacs' and I'm quite sure
that I didn't change anything between yesterday and today.  :-|


Ahh, that might explain why it built on clubber but not flubber. I think I have a new glibc built on clubber that I made with Roland's xattr patches.. Hmm


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