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Thanks for your work

First I want to thank everyone for the work they have put into this
project.  I had heard about the Hurd project, but had never taken the
time to read up on it or try to install it.  Yesterday I decided to give
it a go, so I downloaded K7 and dove right in.  It was an interesting
experience, but really went quite well.  After getting mutt set up so I
could check my email, I signed up for this list, and the first message I
received was that new iso's are being uploaded....

So today I downloaded K8, blew away my system and re-installed.  Since
this release supports partitions over 2GB, a re-install was definitely
in order; however, is it normally necessary to do a re-install to
upgrade the version of Hurd?

Well I am now off to play with X and see what else is already working.
So far I am impressed at how much has been ported.

Jason Stechschulte

>From listening comes wisdom and from speaking repentance.

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