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Re: installation experiences (was: Testers wanted: New installation method)


I've done another GNU/Hurd installation using the xattr Linux patch
(still using the older
, not the more recent
), and the base tarball from
http://people.debian.org/~mbanck/xattr-hurd/gnu-20040917.tar.bz2 .

Compared to my previous installation with the older
http://people.debian.org/~mbanck/xattr-hurd/gnu-20040731.tar.bz2 ,
described in my previous mail, all known issues were fixed, i.e. I
didn't have to fix permissions on /libexec/rc manually, and the devices
nodes for harddisk partitions were also set up correctly. So after
unpacking the tarball, I only had to adjust /gnu/etc/fstab to my needs,
and had a ready working Hurd installation :-)

BTW, in my previous report, I had a little bug: The command to extract
the tarball with star needs to include the -xattr option, as stated in
Michaels original mail. (The artype=exustar option mentioned there isn't
necessary however -- at least with star 1.5a51 which I was using.)


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