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installation problems.


First big thanks for the effort of making Hurd usable with debian packages
etc...  I followed the instructions in
and it runs.

However, after doing the apt-get update, apt-get upgrade with the two
suggested package repositories, (ftp.gnuab.org, ftp.debian.org, the
original one was removed), it did not boot any longer, with a message
like (loading the ext2fs.static):
disk_cache_init: Block size 1024 != vm_page_size 4096

The partition used had a 1024 blocksize, and after redoing it with 4096
bytes, it worked.  To avoid this, I'd suggest to change
# mke2fs -o hurd /dev/hda2'
# mke2fs -b 4096 -o hurd /dev/hda2

My main problem was to not carefully read the instructions on the
partition naming schemes in use.  Please change /dev/hda2 in the line
above to /dev/hda1 to make it consistent with the (hd0,0) and then also
hd0s1. or at least as consistent as can be made

Please CC, as I do not follow the list.

// Haakan

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