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Re: Hello a quick questions ...

Jim Don <jimdon@sympatico.ca> writes:

> Ooops ... I meant that i would compile "the hurd" ... not just the
> kernel :-)
> So thats really cool I can actually lend a hand despite the only small
> amounts of time ... I am pretty excited ...
> I suppose the best thing I can do is compile the "the hurd" ... and
> get it running on something ... then email the group back and see what
> i can help with in the bug database ? Is that the normal operating
> procedure ...

The best way to start is installing Debian GNU/Hurd.  After that check
out the Hurd from CVS and start hacking.

Better use real hardware, the more RAM and the faster the processor,
the better.

If you want to work on a part of the Hurd or of GNU Mach, better
contact bug-hurd@gnu.org first.  It would suck if you would work on
something that someone else is working on too without discussing it.


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