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[SOLVED] problem with network configuration

good evening,

PCI device 'Davicom DM9102' was not assigned an IRQ.

is your BIOS autoassigning IRQs?

It was, see the other thread of me: "Device" was not assigned an IRQ

In a mail of yesterday/today 12:19PM UTC I wrote:

> Good morning everybody,
> I found out, what was going wrong with Hurd's statement of a not
> assigned IRQ. The problems was a BIOS setting, which defines, that the
> IRQ will be auto assigned and I guess, that Hurd (and some other OSes)
> can not handle with it, because the OS assigns the IRQs.
> Pierre

So it was a fault of my BIOS settings and now it works ;)
Now I play a bit with HURD, it is not very stable, but I expected this.

BTW: I mark this thread also as SOLVED, so that no more confusion exists.

Greetz and Thanks

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