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Hi to all from Swansea, UK

I've just managed to install GNU/Hurd from a J2 snapshot. Two years ago
I gave up on this project but having graduated from Woody to Sarge and
just successfully compiled the 2.6.8-7 kernel, I thought I'd give it
another go. Crosshurd did not go well for me but the experience gathered
certainly helped me with J2.

At present it only boots through the deprecated serversboot.gz method
and I've got no internet access with it yet. In Sarge it was just a case
of installing CDCEther in the kernel (no ethernet card but ISP - the
horrendously spammy NTL - supplies an Ambit broadband modem with DHCP
support which is plugged into the USB).

I'm not asking for help, not yet anyhow, since I've not nearly tried
hard enough for my own liking but I just wanted to thank you all for
your efforts on the project.

Very Best Wishes

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