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Your Missing Greeting Card

 Re: Your request (Thu, 7 Oct 2004 11:52:49 -0400, Re: Protected Mail System)

 This is an automated response from missing@all-yours.net.
 Please don't send a reply to this auto-responder, as it will
 always send the same message.
 You sent email to this address because you didn't find a
 Greeting Card that was sent to you.
 We successfully deliver tens of thousands of cards per day.
 Almost all users find their cards with a simple click on the
 pick up address in their card's email notification. However,
 some users can't find their cards. This email will help you
 to find yours. Here are 4 reasons for "missing" cards:
 1. Your card was older than 4 weeks
    Greeting Cards are only kept for 4 weeks. If your card
    was sent more than 4 weeks ago we deleted it. Please check
    the date on your notification email. Sorry, we cannot
    undelete cards nor keep them for longer than 4 weeks.
 2. You didn't enter the correct ID number for this card
    Correct ID numbers have 12-16 digits and look like this:
    This is an example, not your number!
    There's an ID number input on the web page where you claim
    your card. Most web browsers will automatically insert this
    number for you. If your browser didn't do this, you will
    find your card's ID number in your email notification.
    In order to avoid typos you should copy and paste this ID
    If your card's ID number looks different than A) or B)
    above it was definitely not sent by our service. Be sure
    there isn't another greeting card service on the web site
    where you claimed this card.
 3. Your email program does not support clicks on addresses
    Some email programs truncate the data part of our pick up
    address when you click on it. Please copy and paste the
    entire pick up address into your web browser's address
    input ("location bar") instead.
    Copy and paste instructions:
    * open your notification email
    * mark the address by dragging over it with your mouse,
      starting at "http://";
    * be sure you also mark the data part that follows a
      question mark (if any)
    * do not mark any space characters
    * in your email program's menu chose Edit -> Copy
    * open your web browser
    * click your browser's address input field
    * in your browser's menu chose Edit -> Paste
    * press Return
    Be sure your email program didn't split our pick up
    address with a line break. If there's a line break copy
    and paste both parts.
 4. You didn't go to the correct pick up page
    Be sure you claim your card at the address specified in
    your email notification. Our program runs on many web
    sites and each site runs its own card database. A card
    written at a particular web site cannot be picked up at
    another site.
 If you still don't find your card and if you are sure that
 none of the 4 items applies we will help you. Please forward
 your complete notification email (including all headers) to
 notfound@all-yours.net. Note that we can only look up this
 card for you if you send us your ENTIRE email notification!
 Enjoy your card!
 best regards,
 All-Yours Greeting Cards

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