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Re: Doubt

João Júlio Salvatti Neto <salvatti@mandic.com.br> writes:


>   I know that kernel of hurd is the mach, but what he would be hurd? They could give an
> example to me?

The Hurd is the set of userspace servers.  Mach does have drivers in
kernel space.  But there are a lot of things not implemented in the
kernel.  So what is not in the kernel is implemented in userspace.

In GNU/Hurd we have glibc and the Hurd to replace what normally can be
found in the kernel.  A few examples of what you can find in the Hurd

- Filesystem servers (ext2, ufs, iso9660fs, ftpfs, etc)
- A network stack
- Console
- Task management
- Some memory management (swap)

I think you can find detailed descriptions on hurd.gnu.org about the
Hurd.  Just have a look at the documentation section.


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