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Re: XFree86...

On Tue, 20 Jul 2004, Michael Banck wrote:

> Not sure whether those have the Hurd console. In general, you can
> download .debs from a GNU/Linux partition on the same box and later
> install them on GNU/Hurd, using APT's offline features.

Well, seems to have console, I am just retyping out the term-description 
rather than hassle with this floppy.

> There is a new version of X up at ftp.gnuab.org, perhaps that one works
> better. Also, you can try to change the xserver driver to vesa, perhaps
> there's a problem there (what kind of video card do you have?)

I'm using the neomagic driver, I've got a Neomagic card. :) I'll drop to 
vga then to vesa and see if it makes a difference. and I'll grab the new 
packages tonight and have a go at it tomorrow.

I still don't know why the floppy won't mount, apart from the obvious, am 
I missing something ?
Simon `semen` La Rose

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