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Re: Problems with the tarball

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004, Marco Gerards wrote:

> He was using The
> `http://eu.hurd.gnuab.org/debian/base/debian-gnu-hurd-2004.05.09.tar.gz'
> tarball.  Are there other people with the same problem and what caused
> this problem?  Is this tarball the one that is distributed with the
> mini-iso or is this one generated with crosshurd?
> If the tarball is broken, can someone remove it?  Or possible replace
> it with the tarball that is used for the mini-iso (assuming it is not
> broken)?  It sucks that many people who are trying GNU/Hurd experience
> this problem, if they don't come to #hurd or ask on the list there is
> no way they will get a working system.

The tarball is identical with that of the mini-iso with one exception,
that of native-install.  The tarball uses a later version and it seems
that this is boken.  I will go back to my own butchered version which I
use for iso's.


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