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Re: K7 problems

On Sun, 2004-06-27 at 03:50, Philip Charles wrote:

> > > libc0.3_2.3.2.ds1-13_hurd-i386.deb does not contain the full zoneinfo but
> > > libc0.3_2.3.2.ds1-12.0.1_hurd-i386.deb works.
> >
> > Oh yeah, I noticed this, too. Unfortunately, I forgot to report it.
> >
> > What are the practical implications of this oversight?
> I have not done a proper investigation, but at this stage it seems that
> the timezone stays configured with an upgrade to
> libc0.3_2.3.2.ds1-13_hurd-i386.deb

Confirmed.  I'll fix the /libexec/rc bug today or tomorrow hopefully (I
had a new package to go, but I forgot to plug the laptop in and came
back to an eaten ext2 partition).  I'm building gcc 3.3.4-2 in the
meantime, though.

The glibc weirdness will take me a touch longer.  I'm guessing it's
something to do with the cross-compiler setup, but I can't think of what
it might be.  I'll have to run it to see.

Jeff Bailey

I never know what to expect when you respond to my postings. No insult
intended, you are merely a surprise :)
 - Carlos O'Donnell

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