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Re: K6 mini iso


On Sun, May 09, 2004 at 06:11:58PM +1200, Philip Charles wrote:
> The K6 mini iso and the associated  gnu-2004-05-09.tar.gz tarball have
> just been uploaded to gnuab.org.  They should be available in a matter of
> hours.

I've renamed and relocated the isos, as some people complained that
the previous ones were incorrectly stating that this was the official
GNU system, and it's not. So I think I've made clear now that this is
the Debian GNU/Hurd system.

Ok new mini iso can be located on:

  For Europe (or nearby) users:

  For North America (or nearby) users:

The base tarball can be found as usual on:


More mirrors welcome, specially if they are on other continents. :>

Thanks Phil for your work.


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