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GNUAB archive upload policy

Hi there,

I've had to do this long ago, but anyway here it goes:

As we are sharing the GNUAB archive <http://ftp.gnuab.org/debian/>
with the GNU/Hurd, GNU/kFreeBSD and GNU/kNetBSD, we don't want
source packages to be mixed, because the only reason to upload
source packages there is precisely because they are hacks needed
to build, and not ready to be integrated into Debian proper, or as
a test bed for the changes to go into Debian.

Also it helps us keep track of trivial kind of changes, or more
complex ones only by looking at the version.

So the policy to upload is:

 - Any change to the source you need to do implies moving the suite
   from "unstable" to "unreleased", appending a magic "+string" [1]
   to the version to distinguish and/or filter it and adding a
   proper changelog entry.
   For the Hurd only the "unreleased" suite is allowed, there should
   be no need to use "unstable", if there comes the need we can talk
   about this.
 - Only complex [1] changes need to be full source uploads.
 - All Debian developers can upload there, but please comment before
   uploading. Other people may need to seek a sponsor like what is
   done on the Debian archive.
 - Just upload to <ftp://ftp.gnuab.org/incoming/>.
 - You will see the package appearing in less than 15 minutes on

 - Once a package should be removed, please tell me.
 - There are some stats on <http://ftp.debian.org/quinn-diff/>.

If this policy is not acceptable or you see any improvements, please
comment and we can ammend it.

[1] Details:

Trivial changes

 Automatizable thinks like running libtoolize or autoreconf, or
 simple cp's.

 - Updating config.guess and config.sub -> "+cfg"
 - Libtoolizing -> "+libtool"
 - Autotools -> "+autotool"
 - Other not listed autogeneration systems -> "+autogen"

Complex changes

 Any change that cannot be easily automated.

 - "+gnu" changes for any GNU system variant.
 - "+hurd" changes only for GNU/Hurd.
 - "+kbsd" changes for any GNU/k*BSD.
 - "+kfreebsd" changes only for GNU/kFreeBSD.
 - "+knetbsd" changes only for GNU/kNetBSD.


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