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Dear brethren,
I am Rev.bello charles,a devouted heir to the lord.I am a Liberian by nationality who has taken it upon himself to walk in the name of the lord.I am one of the few survivors of the devastating tragedy that took placein Liberia.
however in 2001,fate took time to evolve arround me when i lost the entire members of my housesold in the war-Iwas left alone to pour out my troubled emotions,but in the lord i found refuge and love.
Later, I left liberia on a mission and in search for a better atmosphere for worship.I made way to nigera,where i was opportuned to start up a fellowship gathering.Also with the help of many kind-hearted humans on earth-myself and other God fearing devoutees from liberia as well as a handfull from Nigeria have come together to set up a home where motherlesbabies,destitudes and refugees are currently undergoing Godly and biblical rehabilitation and orientation to their God given lives.
The name of the rehabilitation center is known as GOD EMBASSY REHABILITATION ACADEMY and God willing it is the first of its kind in the country.We are a God fearing team whom God is presently using to show his unconditional love to the world at large.
Presently, we have series of children and adults waiting to be operated on various diseases ranging from cancer, heart disease, body and blood diseases (hiv and aids) including other un-named injuries sustained from the war.
The love and heart of God is he, who shows compassion, mercy and understanding to the plight of the house hold of God the Almighty Father.So in other words "do to others what you expect them to do to you",which sums up the law of our Lord.Brethren in the Lord,I am urging you to give cheerfully from a pure heart and a sincere faith to make you know that you are extending your love to the "less previledge" who are helpless, hopeless and despised because of the conditions of these uncontrollable mishaps.
Your kind gesture will go a long way in funding our programme.We are hopeful and optimistic that this message of the word of God make you donate wisely to this charity organisation .
pls write me concerning this effect with your personal contact and phone number.
this is my number 234-7763594.Thanks and may the Lord bless you abundantly.
Rev.bello charles.


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