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Re: Traslating documentation

   last time i was looking for the sources of the Hurd Pages on
   gnu.org i discovered 2 Projects on savannah

	   [1] http://sv.gnu.org/projects/wwwhurd/ 
	   [2] http://sv.gnu.org/projects/www/ 

   but: cvs of [1] seems to be down and in the Repository of [2] the
   hurd/ directory was/is empty ..

That is a correct observation.  Since the time the GNU machines got
cracked, the wwwhurd project has been down.  But for some odd reason
(probobly due to the fact that the Savannah hackers moved it over to
the "wrong" place) the CVS repository for the web pages is now in the
Hurd project.  Anyway, that is the repository to use.


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