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Re: [Fwd: ext2fs patch for large stores, RC1+20040304]

Marco Gerards wrote:
(default pager): dropping data_request because of previous paging errors

Perhaps this has something to do with forgetting to put swap in
/etc/fstab after installing this system, but it should not happen
because I have 390MB RAM.  Please test this.  I have used bonnie++ for
this (it is in debian).

After searching with google, it seems that it's highly probable that the missing swap is the reason[1]. Another possible reason is bad sectors. Hm, I've just found this: http://kt.dlut.edu.cn/debian-hurd/dh20000308_38_print.html#4

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-hurd/2002/debian-hurd-200207/msg00038.html

Anyway, I'll definately try bonnie++ before releasing RC2.


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