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Debian GNU/Hurd K5 on bochs (network problem and gnumach recompilation)

I've seen previous email about running Hurd on Bochs: by then I already
managed to install Hurd K5 on bochs 2.1.1 (discovered to use 2.1.1
thanks to this mailing list :)). 

Everything seems to works (slowly but) fine, a part from the network.
The tun0 device is been created and my script configure it correctly,
but the Hurd doesn't seem to see the card. I'm not so familiar with
Hurd, but it seems that the kernel doesn't seem to recognized the ne2k:
where can I find out the kernel messages? How can I tell if the card is
or not recognized?

And I'd like to recompile the gnumach kernel: make-kpkg spoiled me, so I
found myself a bit lost in the process. Which kernel should I use? Where
can I find instructions to recompile it? 


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