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Re: FTBFS: python

> I made 2 minor patches for python2.3 and hope this will be useful.
> This one solves the linking problem with libX11 :
> (i mean the clean way, not using LD_LIBRARY_PATH as someone told me)

Currently, you have to use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to run any X binary. This
is a general problem which is not supposed to be solved on a package
per package basis, so the first patch should not be required. Use
LD_LIBRARY_PATH for now, really.

Regarding the second patch, it would be better to use DEB_BUILD_GNU_SYSTEM
instead and compare it with "gnu", since I would expect that if
something like IPv6 does not work on i386-gnu systems, it will surely
not work on alpha-gnu systems either.

BTW: This variable is already set in the build environment so you can
use it directly, there is no need to use dpkg-architecture for that.

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