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Re: FTBFS: perl

On Sun, Nov 09, 2003 at 05:56:42PM +0100, Santiago Vila wrote:

> > > Still, there are 19 tests which fail even when threads are disabled.
> > > These are the build log and the patch I used to disable threads:

> > The only ones I'd take any time exploring are the ndbm tests.  I would
> > be worried about it produce bad databases or corrupting them.  (There
> > isn't enough here to see what the failures are).  It might also be nice
> > to look at the math errors.  The other things (socket errors, pipe
> > errors, and such) are all ignorable.

> Interesting. Do these ignorable bugs mean bugs in the Hurd or something?

Yup!  Our socket implementation is broken in some odd ways.

> > I'm hoping that glibc 2.3.2.ds1-10 will be suitable for hurd-i386 again,
> > which includes a CVS update.  Mostly it's now waiting on me getting a
> > working cross compiler.

> What do you mean, exactly? That you do not consider native compiling
> reliable? That you do not consider native compiling reliable for glibc
> specifically? That glibc does not allow native compiling now? That
> glibc needs gcc 3.4? :-)

Oh, it ought to support native compiling fine - But that's assuming your
Hurd box lives that long.  Mine often doesn't, so I tend to cross-build
the glibc and gcc packages.  You can also stop it and ``debuild -B -nc''
it occasionally.

I first got into cross-compiling the Debian glibc packages when the
filesystem used to randomly eat blocks.  I think we've cured it of that
habit though.

I mention gcc-3.4 specifically because they've introduced a lovely new
feature "--with-sysroot" that allows the compiler to look at a
particular directory for the libraries, include files, etc.  Building a
cross compiler before was an annoying but of making sure the linker
scripts were tweaked, and that new libraries went in the right
directories and such.  Gcc-3.4 solves this in a sane way.  The patch has
been proposed for the next gcc-3.3 release, too (due in January or so,
but I'm watching for it to land on the branch)

Jeff Bailey

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