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I thought I'd introduce myself to you all, and say hello.

I've been a debian user for some time and thought as I had a spare box
it was about time I tried the Hurd. Following the instructions (as we
speak, in fact) on http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/hurd-install I
noticed something a little odd - after booting up for the first time, I
need to double every character I press (this is no longer the case after
the first reboot)

eexxppoorrtt  TTEERRMM==mmaacchh RET RET

I'm not sure if this is known, or even if it's been discussed here
before, but it's odd enough that someone may at least get a laugh out of

Anyway we'll see how the hurd goes, for now I'm going to lurk a bit and
get a feel for this list.



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