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Re: Inquiry Into Japanese-English Translation Opportunities

On Friday, 12. September 2003 03:20, James Wilson wrote:
> Good afternoon,
> I recently visited your website and was wondering if you might have
> occasional need of assistance.
> I am a Japanese-English interpreter/translator based in Las Vegas, NV.
> I am a court experienced interpreter with 30 years legal as well as
> technical translation experience.
> Please advise to whom in your firm my credentials should be addressed,
> and if there is an online application form.

I'm not sure whether you know it, but "the Hurd" is a free software project.
I don't know a firm related to the Hurd or the coming GNU OS.

You will find more details in http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/.
(You posted to Debian's Hurd mailing list.)

I'm sure that other persons would endorse if you translate the website
or other (technical) documents into Japanese. But please note that this is
still under development.
I'm the German translator of the Debian Reference (http://qref.sf.net) and
it would be nice to have a Japanese translation. Currently it's not related
to GNU Hurd, but this will change in the future.

PS: The author of Debian Reference is Osamu Aoki (a Japenese), but he's very
busy at the moment.

PS2: Don't expect to be make money with Hurd or Debian, these are free


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