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Re: How to cross-compile the hurd from other systems

Peter Wainwright wrote:
I tried a binary distribution (J2) but it wouldn't boot
- looks like interrupt conflicts with my ethernet card
since "eepro100..." was the last thing I saw before the
screen went blank.

Unfortunately, GNU Mach can't handle shared interrupts. Better arrange your PCI cards differently in the PCI slots.

So I am trying to cross compile from my existing system
(which is Pink Tie 9, not Debian, but I do have dpkg).
I tried to follow the instructions in hurd/INSTALL-cross,
but no luck.

This file is not updated since a long time. An alternative document is http://hurd.gnufans.org/bin/view/Distrib/BuildingTheHurd . (I've never did cross compile so I can't help you with crt1.o.)

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