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Re: Hurd advocacy?

Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:

Or in the Hurd CVS tree, [hurd]/doc/navigating.

Maybe these both should be merged and extended...

At our OS lecture last winter we worked with Nachos.
Some day I found a very good "guidebook" through the Nachos internals
(Goole is my friend), but I did't bookmark and never saw it again
(Google couldn't remember my search).
The style was something like to look through certain files, read some
parts more carefully, and then some (rhetorical) questions where asked
for understanding. These were like "Whats the type of this variable",
"What does this function return in different cases", "What happens if a
certain function call succeedes, fails" and so on. It was quite fun to
read because you where pointed to the right places but could explore the
secrets yourself. This both learning courve steep and motivation high.

I'd like to write a document in this style. I think I'm quite qualified
for this task, as I do not really know where to start and how things
work. Someone else to join the party?
Perhaps someone is willing to ask some guiding question?

Engineers motto: cheap, good, fast: choose any two
Patrick Strasser <past at sbox dot tugraz dot at>
Student of Telematik, Techn. University Graz, Austria

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