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Re: Hurd Sourcecode Cross Reference [was:Re: Hurd advocacy?]

> >>So, it would be great if there is an article on where to start 
> >>reading the source files
> > 
> > You mean something like this?
> > <http://lists.debian.org/debian-hurd/2000/debian-hurd-200012/msg00149.html>
> And if you don't like your favourite editor or whatever to read the 
> sourcecode, use the all new
> Hurd Sourcecode Cross Reference at 
> http://www.htu.tugraz.at/~past/hurd/global/

Patrick, that's great! I've used global and htags on glibc/hurd/mach/mig
before, but never found enough space on a web server with enough bandwidth
to offer this publicly. Many thanks! This is a great contribution.



Farid Hajji. http://www.farid-hajji.net/address.html

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