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Re: Hurd advocacy? Bootable (Knoppix-like) CD?

On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, Philip Charles wrote:

> I had planned to open up a discussion on this list about how the iso
> images could best be used for some GNU promotion.  However with the
> disaster at gnuftp.gnu.org I thought we had better wait.
> Given this very useful thread we may as well start collecting ideas.  The
> CDs can be used as an excuse for publicity as well as in their own right.
> There may be other "excuses" as well.  The suggestion of providing
> material for lectures was very good IMHO.

	Lately, I've been wondering how hard it would be to create a
bootable Hurd CD (a la Knoppix) that people could try without having to
install to their harddrive.  Are there any known problems with
grub/gnumach/hurd which would prevent this?  The biggest problems I can
see would be the lack of DHCP to get the network up without too much
trouble, and trying to autodetect the video card for X.

Comments, questions, suggestions?

Greg Buchholz

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