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Re: Hurd Advocacy?

This applies to anyone participating in this stupid thread--including
me.  And yes, it is flameish, but frankly I'm fed up with all this

       What can the Hurd community do to promote their favorite OS?

We can hack and not waste our time on useless discussions about "what
we think we might do in some far away land".  Find something that
annoys you in the Hurd and fix it instead!

I really can't figure out what has changed since 1991 when Linus put
up a copy of linux-0.1 for people to play with. Nobody whined about
"Oh, but I need sound! Its not fun hacking without sound, so I won't
touch this", instead they _did_ the decent thing and that was to
shutup and add sound support.  Do people really have such selective
memories that they think that Linux had all the bells and whistles
that it does today once it was first released?  Or that things just
"get done" by some imaginary ghost?  Please...

Heck, we even have half the road paved by those who did actually write
sound drivers, network drivers and what not.  They didn't have the
luxury of having working drivers, or specs that are freely avaiable
(and specs are still sometimes hard to get) like we do.  Sure, you
can't just copy and paste the code and have it working (in some cases
you can actually), but half the grunt work is already done.

Now someone will say that "OS design is complex", who ever asked
anyone to design an operating system from scratch?  That work is
already done.  Don't like kernel hacking? Hack the Hurd then, thats
just a bunch of user-space programs and libraries; nothing strange
there.  Can't code at all? Fine, report bugs, write documentation,
lots of things can be done without writting a single line of code.

So please, stop complaning that this and that doesn't work.  Instead
do what will benefit everyone, and fix the things that annoy you.

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