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Re: HURD kernel change

ddavies@ddavies.net wrote:
I don't know if we're even to the point of having some sort of list of
what we think the worst bugs are, but we would have to put something
like that together to know what we need to work on. I don't suggest we
need some formal process, but rather just a way for those who would
like to see a decent 2.0 to coordinate and share experiences.

I think that making 2.0 even boot in most hardware configuration is enough for now. 2.0 doesn't boot on my home computer, and probably on many other computers too :-(

I intent to attack my CMD649 problem again in November, so there will be somebody working on OSKit :-) But definately not before November.

Ognyan Kulev <ogi@{fmi.uni-sofia.bg,fsa-bg.org}>
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