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Re: Problems booting the Hurd on a laptop

pancake <sergipop@mx3.redestb.es> writes:

> > IIRC the project was never announced, or isn't it ready yet? I see
> >there is no english mailing list, while there be one?
> Yes, there's an english list (2 days ago xD) not anounced in webpage
> yet. and today I and "alejandro" registered the official channel.
> Bee GNU/Hurd: ============= url: http://bee.es.gnu.org/ list:
> bee@es.gnu.org chan: #beehurd@irc.freenode.net
> Everything in english...for "spanish" ones in #hurd-es ;)

I will have a look someday.
> Now we are in a "sleep-time"...we need more testers, coders, and
> users...But we patch pkgsrc enought (it "works"), have few bugs, but
> works, and we'r taking more projects on hurd. The idea is to make a
> brainstorming on Hurd and try to make a good core of coders, concepts
> and documentation.

Announce it on bug-hurd or help-hurd (In a separate mail) if you want
people to have a look at it.

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