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Re: K4 - documentation

   Everything, except Xfree86, is working well.  Now onto the
   documentation stage.  The GNU/Hurd User's Guide has been included.
   Any other suggestions?

Here are a few suggestions, Towards a New Strategy of OS design, the
Hurd Hacking Guide, the FAQ.

   Would some _please_ give me a pointer to configuring Xfree86 given
   that I have not been able to create /dev/mouse.  I would like to
   include something on the CDs.

You should be familiar with how to report bugs by now.  Whats the
command you used to setup the mouse translator? Did it spew any
messages?  Did you try attaching gdb to it and see what happens?

   The logs show that the problem is with the mouse.

If its a problem with the mouse, maybe you should change it to a
different one? :-)

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