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Re: eth0: Via Rhine

On Tuesday, 22. July 2003 20:06, Jochen wrote:
> it worked fine for me untill it came to this point:
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/jochen/Downloads/gnumach-1.3/i386'
> [...]
> nm -u kernel.o | sed 's/^_*//' | sort -u > kernel-undef
> sed '/^memcpy$/d; /^memmove$/d; /^memset$/d; /^bcopy$/d; /^bzero$/d;
> /^strchr$/d; /^strstr$/d; /^strsep$/d; /^strpbrk$/d; /^strtok$/d;
> /^htonl$/d; /^htons$/d; /^ntohl$/d; /^ntohs$/d; /^etext$/d; /^edata$/d;
> /^end$/d;' kernel-undef > kernel-undef-bad if test -s kernel-undef-bad;
> \ then cat kernel-undef-bad; exit 2; else true; fi
>          U bcopy
>          U bzero
>          U _edata
>          U end
>          U _end
>          U etext
>          U htonl
>          U memcpy
>          U memset
>          U ntohl
>          U ntohs
>          U strchr
>          U strsep
> make: *** [clib-routines.o] Fehler 2

I do not know anything about gnumach, but I recognize that sed tries to 
delete all these functions (/^bcopy$/d;) (exceptions: _edata, _end) from 
So I'm sure sed expects "bcopy" instead of "U bcopy". You can try to edit 
this script to change this, and do not forget to add _edata, _end. Maybe 
you can use another version of nm, which produces the expected output??


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