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Re: Package list


> > is there a package list about the hurd packages online like those
> > for Debian woody/sarge/sid? 
> Uhm, Debian GNU/Hurd *is* Debian. As it is not released, you only get
> the unstable part of it.
> > I'd be easier to see, which packages are already available for the
> > hurd system.
> There's always the Packages files. If you're running Debian GNU/Hurd,
> you can find them at /var/lib/apt/lists/
I thought of something like this from the debian web site
So, everyone can easily check, which packages are available (already
ported) for the hurd system and which versions are up. So you can see,
which packages can be installed and which ones need to be ported.

I like this view more than the package files - maybe I will hack a short
package file to html converter tonight.


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