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Re: GNUmach 1.2 installed by crosshurd 1.3?

   I have build and run gnumach 1.3 ok from source and wondered if
   there was a reason why this version wasn't used?

Probobly because you didn't have alpha.gnu.org in your source.list
file, the version of GNU Mach on Debian mirrors is a bit older then
the one located on alpha.gnu.org.

But after taking a peek on alpha it seems that that version is also
old...  Anyway, GNU Mach 1.3 has been discontinued and you should use
the CVS version if possible.  So if you can please do debug the
problem you are having with it.

   I have had less success yet with getting the CVS gnumach to boot (I
   get the EIP 0x1 error)

If you could, try attaching an serial console and see if you can
figure out where this happens.  As for how to setup an serial console,
search the mailing list archives.

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