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Re: ssh

Sam Halliday <fommil@yahoo.ie> writes:

> Robert Millan wrote:
>> > i just installed GNU K3, and using the debian install instructions
>> > (http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/hurd-cd) i got as far as step 7
>> > when it exited on ssh, with something like "/usr/bin/dpkg exited
>> > with status 1". if i run apt-get upgrade, it continually exits in
>> > the same place. has anyone else had this?
>> please post the relevant part of the error (before "/usr/bin/dpkg
>> exited..")
> mmm... i'd love to, but how do i do a screen grab under gnu? in the
> meantime i'll just run `apt-get upgrade > logfile` and post the trimmed
> output of that.


script(1) from the bsdutils package should help you.


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