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Re: MIG !!!

Milton ? Souza Leite wrote:

after this, I had to change the gensym.awk because this create an output file (cpu.symc) like this #include <mach/message.h> void bogus() { __asm (" * word_size mAgIc%0" : : "i" (sizeof(integer_t)));

This is the GCC 3.3 problem with multi-line string literals (as you've noticed).

then I modified the output file to this: #include <mach/message.h> void bogus() { __asm ("* word_size mAgIc%0" : : "i" (sizeof(integer_t)));

Must be like this:

__asm ("\n* word_size mAgIc%0" : : "i" (sizeof(integer_t)));

The true solution is to change gensym.awk. Savannah OSKit[1]'s gensym.awk is corrected so you can try it to find out if it works as expected.

[1] http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/oskit/

Ognyan Kulev <ogi@{fmi.uni-sofia.bg,fsa-bg.org}>
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