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Re: Hurd Installation (panic) FYI (SOLVED)

Hi all,
There seemed to some problem with "fdisk" the HURD
partition was actually more than 2 GB. Re-partitioned
with cfdisk, ran the boot sequence & now I can
actually see the shell prompt. Did the
.native-install. But many basic configurations are
needed to be manually done. Such as setting up gcc
etc. This should give me some insight into hurd.
Looking forward to start with the hurd/mach
development soon. ;-)


 --- "M. Gerards" <metgerards@student.han.nl> wrote: >
> This prevented the hang but gave the problem that
> I
> > initially stated. I am quite new to the hurd/mach
> > development, so not able to judge either methods.
> Can
> > some one comment on that. 
> > May be Niel ? 
> It should work with the old method, but the new one
> is preffered and most 
> people will/can only help you with that one. I think
> you should have a look on 
> the list who comments ;).
> Make sure you don't copy the line from the PDF, just
> copy the lines from the 
> install guide (the HTML version). The problem with
> the PDF is that the end of 
> the lines is not shown.
> guide.html
> Please let me know if this solved your problem :)
> Thanks,
> Marco 

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