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Re: Mach 2.0 source

   As near as I can tell GNUMach 2.0 is nothing more than 1.3 with the
   OSKit libraries which are under /gnumach/oskit.

Erm, no.  The OSKit libraries are not included in the code for
oskit-mach.  It just uses those libs.  To compile it you will have to
download OSKit (and you need to compile that before compiling GNU

   I haven't seen a branch for GNUMach 2.0 anywhere though there is a
   great deal of mention of the merge in the CVS repository:

It is located in HEAD now instead of a branch now.

   But don't quote me on any of this.  I asked a similar question
   earlier and haven't recieved an answer.

Better late then never, hope this answers your question. :)

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