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K3 images are on their way.

The four K3 images are being uploaded to ftp.gnu.org at the moment.
Andrew Mitchell is uploading images 2 & 4 while 1 & 3 are being uploaded
from here.  They should be in place in 24 hours, the first iso is 47%

The images have been renamed to GNU-K3-CDx.iso, but will be found in the
hurd-K3 directory.

Again there were five images, the fifth being rather rubbishy.  All the
hurd-i386.deb's are on the first two CDs.

There were three major sources of packages apart from the official Debian
archive and alpha.gnu.org.  Thanks people.  However, there may be
conflicts caused by this as the discipline of a central archive is
lacking.  This should be fixed by the time K4 is released.

This set is a considerable improvement on the other K series.

I have now got them on sale.

Skip if not interested.

ADSL in NZ costs NZ10c/mb over the data limit.  The data limit for full
ADSL is 1gb per month.  128k ADSL has a data limit of 10gb international
and national is free, so you can see why Andrew Mitchell and myself use
the 128k option and our uploads are rather slow.


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