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request for patch revision


on the last few weeks, i've ported many packages from the debian
archive, and sent a bunch of patches to the BTS. however, i'm not
that much experienced with C and unsure about the correctness of
some of them. i'd appreciate if a caritative soul could have a
side-look at my patches and, if he/she finds something wrong,
post a message in the bug log.

here is a list:

gs:184345 - PIPE_BUF stuff, being discussed in help-hurd
gtkgl2:186760 - missing -lstdc++ flag. do we _really_ need that flag?
libxft2-dev:185536 - probably the same as gtkgl2
fam:187701 - PATH_MAX, sockaddr_un. known errors: forgot to free()
		for PATH_MAX, wrong sockaddr_un changes.
libgcrypt:187309 - same as gtkgl2? seems not this time..
gnome-vfs2:187457 - PATH_MAX
nautilus:190369 - PATH_MAX
vte:187306 - PATH_MAX, using upstream's dynamic implementation so it
		should be ok.
libgnome:187468 - PATH_MAX. known errors: forgot to free()
libgnomeui:187707 - PATH_MAX. known errors: forgot to free() for realpath()?
gnome-applets:190388 - PATH_MAX, misc fixes.


P.S: please refrain from commenting on style or generic code-quality errors
i didn't introduce. i want the code to work on GNU as good as on GNU/Linux,
not better nor worse.

Robert Millan

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