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Re: K3 images

On Thu, 24 Apr 2003, Patrick Strasser wrote:

> That is (please correct me if I'm wrong):
> You make your special hardlink tree. Then you build the images based on
> this tree. Until final distribution of the images some packages won't be
> available on mirrors any more. These packages can only be found on the
> CD then.

This is correct, I use a hard link copy of the mirror and add
disks-hurd-i386 to it.

> >The boot floppies are the same as K2, but baseGNU.tgz and its derived
> >floppy set will be different.
> >
> That was forseeable, as we have to expect a gnu (new) baseGNU.tgz for
> every CD set.

This time round the templates could be even bigger as I plan to
incorporate Robert Millan's and Michael Banck's archives into the local
file system.  However, even if the templates got to 500 MB (which is a
pessimistic guess), it would be only 20% of the size of the images

Provided that we can set up a northern hemisphere mirror with a fast
connection the images could be built in about 12 hours from the start of
the upload from here.

This would not achieve all the objectives, but would be a good start.


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