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Repost - A7N8X + Hurd ???

Ok, I have a "Classic" HP Vectra Pentium 90 over in
the corner collecting dust. I have run hurd in the
past... I'm actually a minor Hurd developer.

Look here... http://cvs.ossp.org/pkg/lib/pth/ChangeLog

Search for "Hilton" and you will see:

*) Add Autoconf support for GNU Hurd.
      [B. Douglas Hilton <doug.hilton@engineer.com>]

Well that email is dead, and I'm very discouraged
because I'm having a lot of problems joining Debian.

I'm looking for a sponsor / advocate and my little
"get me in" package is here:


I really want to get back to hacking Debian, but I want
official status. Would any Hurder's care to sponsor me?

Anyways, whats the latest with A7N8X??? Does the ATA100
patch enable it to boot? I'm just itching to get my compiler
cranking on this freaking fast new box I built...


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