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Re: K2 images

On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 07:29:15AM -0500, Simon Law wrote:

> 	I'm sorry, it doesn't look like ftp.gnu.org/iso is exposed via
> rsync.  I've downloaded hurd-K2-CD3.iso twice and both times it comes
> up with the same erroneous MD5 hash.  I can only conclude that it is
> corrupted on the ftp.gnu.org.

Blame my bad CDROM drive - it decided to not read the image off it properly
> > > 	As well, hurd-K2-CD4.iso is missing.
> > I will check on this.  Thanks.

See above :)

Got my other computer working with a different drive last night, am getting 
the images up there now

Andrew Mitchell

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